Quality Health Safety Environment

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India Pesticides Limited is committed on providing quality products and services matching customers’ needs. We prioritize quality management even from the stage of understanding our customers’ requirements.

All the IPL complexes have well-equipped Quality Assurance Laboratory with HPLC, GC, Ultra Violet Visible Spectrophotometers, Karl Fischer Apparatus, Roto Vacuum Driers etc. for monitoring quality right from raw material to the finished product at every stage.

We are committed to standards laid by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and certified on ISO – 9001: Quality Management Systems, 14001: Environmental Management Systems, 45001: Occupational Health and Safety and 10002: Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management.

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Health is the primary wealth and hence, all our employees are made accessible with facilities to take good care of own health.

Occupation Health Center inside the plant premises for immediate treatment

Around the clock availability of dedicated qualified male nurse and Visits of Qualified Doctor.

Maintains required equipment, antidotes and first aid medicines for speedy cure

Regular medical check-up of employees

Member of hospitals in near vicinity for emergency medical attention

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We believe that accidents and occupational health hazards can be avoided only through awareness, good practices and responsible behavior.All manufacturing plants are equipped with safety control measures and early detection systems, which are chosen through analytical studies such as HAZOP, HIRA etc.

Scheduled training and refresher programs for employees by qualified professionals reinforce the safety. Periodical safety mock drills by involving of external safety professionals and their guidance further strengthen the safeguard we take. Intermittent inspections pave way for improvement that we always look ahead.

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India Pesticides Limited follows its reverberating motto towards People & Environment – ‘Care the World with Care’. It is based on the principle of shared value, a concept that supports during policy making & reviewing, operating practices and delivering our responsibility in improving economic and social conditions in the communities in which we operate.

Environment we work in and Environment we live in, are the imperative factors of IPL’s sustainability initiatives.Even from the stage of product selection for manufacturing, priority is given for environment. This is why, none of the technical products manufactured by IPL are in Red Triangle category.